When you are trying to decide whether or not to under laser hair removal, there are several things that you should take into consideration. For example, aside from benefits, you should also think about the risks and side effects of laser hair removal. It is important that you understand all medical treatments have potential side effects and risks.

laser removal

The side effects that you may experience from laser hair removal can either be permanent or temporary. Take note that if you have any doubts with the procedure, you can always get more information from your dermatologists or spa technician.


Temporary Side Effects with Laser Hair Removal


A lot of people who underwent laser hair treatment have manifested temporary side effects. Understandably, since your skin is placed under harsh conditions (laser light) you can expect various side effects. The side effects will usually last for days, weeks, and for some months.


Pain is the most common side effect after laser hair removal. This can be experienced during and after the treatment. Usually to lessen the pain the technician or doctor will provide local anesthetic for comfort during the procedure. For after treatment pain, you can make use of a prescribed medication for pain relief.


Swelling is another temporary side effect of laser hair removal. One thing you need to take note of, the pain or discomfort due to the swelling will depend on the area where you had laser hair removal done. For some people other body areas not readily visible pose no problem even if it swells. Areas that are visible like the upper lip will require topical solution to reduce swelling.


Blistering is possible the worst temporary side effect that you can experience due to laser hair removal. Aside from being painful, it would be uncomfortable for other people to see you in such condition. Usually, your doctor will recommend medication to clear out the blisters.

Permanent Side Effects


Permanent side effects are quiet rare when it comes to laser hair removal. Some of the most common permanent damage due to laser hair removal includes skin discoloration and scarring. Skin discoloration happens when the laser attacks the darker pigments of the skin. Scarring can occur if accidents happen during the treatment process or when you are treated by an inexperienced technician.


The good news is all of these side effects can easily be avoided by following instructions on the right care techniques after the procedure. You can also speak with your doctor before doing laser hair removal process so that you get the right information about possible risks or side effects. In the end, laser hair removal provides plenty of good benefits. You only need to make sure you get the procedure from a reliable and trustworthy clinic to avoid unwanted side effects.