Everyone has his own share of acne problems. This skin condition is very common to adolescents but also not strange to adults. In fact, according to experts, anyone may experience acne at any point in their lives. There have been many acne treatments over the counter medications, dermatological procedures, and even homemade solutions. However, some of these treatments, may cause paranoia to people because of the pain that is involved in the treatment. Thankfully with advanced medicine there is a particular treatment that does not produce pain and is very effective. Blue light therapy is an acne light therapy that effectively eradicates acne without inducing pain.


According to studies, majority of the people who tried blue light acne treatment showed positive results. This shows that this acne light treatment is truly effective. Those acne problems that do not respond to ointments or other treatments can now be treated with the help of blue light therapy.

blue light

Blue light therapy is an all-natural treatment. Hence, it doesn’t harm the skin like other treatment does. Unlike the ultra violet rays, blue light does not have harmful side effects. Blue Light Therapy for Acne is also FDA approved. This means, you would be assured that it is safe and legal for all ages.


The role of the blue light therapy is to kill the bacteria that causes the growth of acne. Once the acne is exposed to the blue light, the light starts to penetrate right through the skin and eliminates those bacteria. The treatment only lasts for not more than twenty minutes depending on the degree of the acne problems. After continuous application of treatment, the results would be very evident in your skin. It usually takes not more than 8 weeks to finish the whole treatment.


However, like other treatment, it has side effects like temporary redness, itchiness, and dryness. Overtime, these side effects fade as you continue to undergo blue light therapy.


This treatment is painless and also effective. It doesn’t need to have any injection or incision. You would only be exposed to blue lights, and you would expect a pimple-free face. However, blue light therapy could be quite expensive. You would need extra cash if you would want to undergo this treatment. Skin experts agree, that you will be spending more if you keep on doing unsuccessful treatments. The value of your money is evident through the results, which makes blue light therapy worth it.


Providing you comfort but with a clear, clean, and spotless face, blue light therapy for Acne is something that a lot of people should be looking forward to trying. It will effortlessly remove acne from the facial skin and leaving it supple, clear, and blemish free.